Thursday, July 17, 2008

food, food, food

-Every day, I endeavor to incorporate the goodness from the garden into our meals. Tonight's meal is already in the crock-pot: Curried Beef Stew. Some of its ingredients (cilantro, peppers, and peas) were harvested this morning. Steamed rice and a home-grown salad will round out our mid-summer meal.

-Our shipment of sour cherries is ready for us, thanks to an Amish farmer near Depeuyster. #1 Daughter found a simple recipe for sour cherry jam. You can bet that a cherry cobbler will be on the table in the near future, too!

-Yesterday found me in a well-equipped kitchen, putting together elegant entrees for 26 elegant ladies. It was a benefit luncheon and garden tour for the Remington Museum, and the day was perfect for al fresco dining. I was surrounded by the beauty of china, silver, linens, gardens, and cheerful friends all afternoon.

-Last night, I crashed 1942 for dinner. I inhaled two bowls of Korean dumpling soup over rice and two Korean-style vegetable pancakes with red pepper sauce. It was entirely amazing. Instead of dessert (coffee ice-cream!), the chef (Song) and I played a few Mozart piano duets.

Now, that's a sweet way to end a meal.


Anonymous Ann said... are an "elegant lady" too. It was fun, wasn't it?

8:23 AM  

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