Tuesday, July 01, 2008

photo-album fun

It is time to clean out the photo-bucket, my dear cyber-friends---and you are in for a treat. Or at least for a head-scratching experience, as some of these pics make absolutely NO sense.

I will attempt to explain as we go along.

Strawberry Shortcake- No explanation needed for this one. It was consumed after a hearty dinner and an afternoon of power-kayaking. I helped myself to seconds, too. No regrets, folks.
You can regret other things, but never regret strawberry-shortcake.

Poodie at the Lake -
The sun was beginning to set, which provided the perfect lighting to show off her beauty. And although she gave permission for me to post the picture, she will have a canary when she sees what I wrote about it.

The Gang -we feed them AND entertain them.

Dear Mother-in-Law - posing in her backyard. In her hand is a wildflower of some kind, ready for pressing. I love her hat!

Friend #7 in the Kitchen -she threw together some memorable salsa on Sunday. We dove into that stuff with lime tortilla chips, and sometimes with fingers. We licked our bowls. We were hardly able to play Scrabble even. It was THAT good.

Rabid Coyote Warns Passerby of Oncoming Attack - alternately titled: Stuffed Animal at Adirondack Auction awaits Loading into Someone's Trunk.

The Dock at Norwood Lake -where I lounged happily last night after boating. Can't you just hear the lap, lap, lap of the water and smell the wet rocks?

Purple Rain -falling on a lonely highway.

Our House is a Very Very Very Fine House -and the people who live in it are pretty fine, too.

A recent visit from Ira brightened our spirits. We love this young man. He is headed to Texas and then to somewhere on the Southeast Coast.

Someone hitched a ride with Ira---and not just anyone. Stefi's loveliness on the outside is a mere shadow of the loveliness on the inside. She is a gem and I love her.


Anonymous brietta said...

While I wishfully entertain the idea of a Nearby Nancy, I agree that you have a Very Very Very Fine House, and I'm glad it's yours so that I can come visit and enjoy its beauty.

9:04 AM  

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