Thursday, June 19, 2008

music to paint by

My range of musical taste is astonishingly broad and illogical.

Before I elucidate upon this subject, be it known that I rarely ever think of listening to a CD. There is so much music already zipping around in this little head; why cram in any more? Up until last night, I was busy downloading Sunday's violin recital. Especially the Bach. Greeting me this morning were last night's rehearsal tunes, still having a party between my ears. They romped all night long, I'm sure. Good tunes, too--the fruit of two hours of worship practice with fantastic musicians. They could easily keep me company for days.

But then I got to thinking. With the simple push of a button, I could switch things up a bit and change the tracks in my brain even more!
I guess I figured I was on a roll because I actually TURNED ON some music today to help me stay motivated in my painting-chore.

I listened to the following:

1. The Concerto for Violin by Samuel Barber. Hilary Hahn, violinist.
An extremely amazing piece of music. Somewhat modern, yet completely accessible. Hilary Hahn is one of my favorite fiddlers, having a tone that is always warm and direct. Her technique and interpretation is flawless! What's to love about this piece? It is beautiful, haunting, mysterious, and singable. I could sing it all day. (Well, at least the first movement!)
#1 Son is learning it, which makes thirteen years of violin lessons worth all the trouble.

2. When Silence Falls by Tim Hughes.
Compelling worship music by British singer/songwriter. Friend #7 introduced his music to me last summer and I have been hooked ever since.

3. Beyond Measure by Jeremy Camp.
My kids listen to Jeremy Camp. He's a little too rocky for me, but his music is worshipful stuff. (Think "Beautiful One".) I feel like a cool mom whenever I have his music in the car CD player.

4. Shostakovich 5th Symphony
Gentlemen, start your brass instruments. Regal, soaring, majestic, tragic, raging, and great motivation in the painting-department. I can really move a paintbrush to this stuff.

Let it be known that whatever I listen to LAST will follow me all the days of my life.
Or at least until my next rehearsal.



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