Wednesday, June 04, 2008

garden of eatin'

Green things float my boat today. Like this bucket o' mint by my back door.

A spate of overcast and gloomy days have given me the incentive to work indoors this week, but I dipped outdoors numerous times for "breathers" from housework--and to spy adorable green things popping up from the black soil.

Yes, adorable.
Check out this guy in the lower right-hand corner as he pokes his head into the open air. Friend #12 knows how to plant 'em, for sure. She tucked those pumpkin seeds away like a mama putting her babies to bed.

The luscious color of raspberry bushes set against newly-weeded soil is a sight right up my alley. It makes me want to paint my bedroom Dirt Brown and Leaf Green. These colors make my heart sing!

The sweet peas are bumping the twine, their tiny tendrils eagerly hunting for a step up. Behind them, you can spot rows of mixed lettuce and spinach. We have been lacing our store-bought salads with sprinklings of their delicate sprouts, courtesy of relentless thinning. I plant them thickly with this in mind!

We have added a bed this year for squash, cukes, and pumpkins. They can sprawl to their heart's content back here. We would never ask our vining vegetables to sleep in a twin-sized bed. King-sized is what they need.
See that little porch? It's off the kitchen. I call it The Garden Porch--not to be confused with The Screen Porch or The Front Porch-- and we eat dessert out there sometimes. Or sit on the porch swing, swigging iced tea. Or watch for rainbows after a storm has passed.

Or just rock slowly and watch the gardens grow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So lovely Nancy!
Everything you do has such an artistic flare!

Many one of these summer's I won't be "about to have a baby" or "have an infant". Then, you can coach me how to plant a veggie garden. My Sunshine Daughter is pleading with me for one! Love you all!

Sarah D.

12:54 PM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

tell Sunshine Daughter that Mrs. Hull has some extra seeds for her.
All we need is a few tiny patches for something yummy to grow!

4:45 PM  

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