Wednesday, May 28, 2008

our little town

We discovered a very cool website that is all about the history of Madrid, a quaint little town we love.

Why do we love this one-horse town?
We attend church there. Some of our favorite families live there. Hey, the Hometown Cafe is there! What more could one ask of a quaint little town? (Well, we could ask for a bridge over which to travel in order to GET there. But that might be construed as complaining.)

Presently, we own five houses, a large barn, and some very perfect waterfront property in Madrid. We are in the process of purchasing another property that boasts one very dilapidated house and one fabulous old barn. (Some people collect Precious Moments figurines. Or Depression Glass. We are kind of like those kind of people, except different.)

The big discovery on this website was The Map Room. We enthusiastically pored over the keys to these maps in order to discover who lived in our homes or what of businesses thrived there many years ago. A tin and stove shop! A grocery store! Maybe a harness shop or clothing store! We learned where the grist-mills and their man-made waterfalls once stood. The old maps tell us that there was once a Universalist Church and a Baptist Church in town. If studied carefully, maps can tell many stories.

As we paint, remodel, renovate, and just plain ol' mow the lawns there, we expect to learn a few more stories about a town we have come to love.


Anonymous brietta said...

I have spent way too much time looking at that map! My imagination takes me back then-- oh! what I would do to just glimpse the town in those days! I've a feeling it was a pretty cute little place.

Thanks for making it cute again, little by little. :)

1:44 PM  
Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

Love looking at that site. I think it was there that I spied Marge Cryderman's graduation photo. Too amazing!

11:15 PM  

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