Tuesday, May 20, 2008

whiffs of youth

Here is a lesson for today: Life is Full of Smells. And some are better than others.

The featured Smell D'Jour is Newborn Baby Head, a marked improvement over the menu of smells around home lately. One at a time, I cradled these week-old papooses, their dewy faces fresh from mother's breast, and thoroughly smelled their sweet heads.

(Oh, perfectly handsome little men. Will you ever comprehend how much your mommy and daddy love you?)

The demands of life press in every day, time rushes on like an engorged spring river which roars and froths like a lion, and I have groceries to purchase and dinner to prepare. But I am ready for anything, now that I have infused myself with a double-dose of Newborn Baby Head, compliments of Gabriel and Addison Daniels and their proud mom & dad.


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