Monday, May 05, 2008

recalling my riches

the riches of any given day
this day, for example:

-listening to the story of Joseph's dreams, his ornamented robe,
the fierce love of his father.

-laughing at the wit of Sherlock Holmes

-letting the whipping wind part my hair every which way
while I drive to the grocery store.

-lifting chunks of thatched grass from my garden
while field sparrows dip and dive over my head.

-looking on as #1 daughter rolls out tortillas.

-licking my fingers after snitching some cake.
(lemon-topped with whipped cream frosting.)

-leaving a theater audition to dash off to a concert hall,
all for the love of music.

-learning how audaciously loud some of my young friends are at the dinner table.

the riches of any given day
are mine to hold
for as long as I like.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

friend #2+2a and 2+2b, or whatever i am, would really love to come and visit with you!! is there a time when i could come over? i would've emailed you, but i don't know your email address... if you want to email me back and make plans that the whole world can't see my email address is

7:38 AM  

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