Saturday, June 28, 2008

everything a girl could want

And now comes the close of a very enjoyable day. Let me give you a peek into it.

-Even before my morning coffee, I weeded the garden. Everything looks beautiful and some veggies are ready for harvest. We enjoyed sugar snap peas in our stir-fry last evening.

-Then, coffee and a Scrabble game with Friend #7. I won by a hefty margin, which makes me unintentionally giddy. Sorry, Friend #7.

-Off to an auction with #1 Son. We met some friends there and had a great time. I am the proud new owner of an antique cherry Hepplewhite drop-leaf table. It looks great in the living room and I know we will use it a lot!

-Lunch with #1 Son at Eben's Hearth. I ate the whole Smothered Prime Rib Sandwich. And a side of fries. Such gastronomic excess!

-We joined up with Hubby, #1 Daughter, and a few friends to look at another house. Shhh--it's a secret! I'll tell all about it later this week.

-I dropped in at 1942. While there, I met three international students (from Somalia, Zimbabwe, and the Maldives!), ate authentic Korean food (thanks to Song from Korea), visited with Ricky, and entertained myself with some Debussy.

-Came home with Hubby, but couldn't resist the urge to hit the lake with my kayak. I waited at the boat launch for the storm to pass, and then grabbed my chance. There is nothing quite as refreshing as being on the water after a storm. Resting in the middle of the lake, I marveled at the sights and scents around me. What a wonderful Maker!

-I am ending my evening quietly. Hubby retired to bed, as he ran a half-marathon before putting in a day's work! (#1 Daughter ran her first 10K today!) She is at a friend's house overnight, as is #1 Son. Friend #12 is in NYC and Friend #7 is out with friends. A little Bible-reading before bed is the right night-cap for me.

Surely I can't expect a whole summer full of Saturdays like this.
Can I?


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