Saturday, June 21, 2008

last year/this year

At this time last summer, I was in Southern Spain.

Southern Spain--
where I could smell the ocean and see the Rock of Gibraltar from the balcony.
where we shared sweet fellowship with new friends that inspired me with their zeal for Christ.
where we ate olives and paella and Spanish tortilla.
where we lugged sound equipment to outdoor plazas and sang/danced/mimed our hearts out.
where we laughed intensely, worshiped sincerely, and served cheerfully.

This summer finds me at home.

At home---
where rolling meadows are alive with the trill of red-winged blackbirds.
where I share sweet fellowship with dear friends that inspire me with their zeal for Christ.
where we play Scrabble on the screen porch by candlelight.
where we eat fresh veggies from the garden and grilled chicken and home-made salsa.
where we sit on the village green to enjoy free outdoor concerts.
where we laugh intensely, worship sincerely, and serve cheerfully.


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