Monday, July 14, 2008

rain-forest in my backyard

It's a jungle out there.

The successive days of heat, humidity, and soaking rain have transformed my little garden into a tropical rain forest of sorts. If you stand still, you can almost hear things growing.
Elephant-sized leaves have eclipsed the broccoli while jack-in-the-beanstalk sized vines slither brazenly through the carrots and spill out into the lawn. There may be weeds in the alleys between the beets and the lettuce, but who can see through all that foliage? Not me.

We will dine on creamed peas this evening. A royal dish, indeed! We have eaten swiss chard rolls a few times already. I have found a recipe for roasted baby beets that looks enticing. Of course, the salad greens just keep coming, thanks to my system of "pick a row, plant a row".
We also picked up a shipment of sweet cherries on Saturday, and you can guess what that meant. "Cherry-overload"--if there can ever be such a thing.

Lest I leave my readers unduly impressed with my healthy diet choices, full disclosure compels me to share the following:
Over the weekend, I consumed cheese-smothered fries, way too many pecan-squares, and plateful after plateful of bean dip made with cheez-whiz. I do not regret one single bite.

I plan to work off my weekend-excess by weeding the jungle.
Bring me my machete!


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