Monday, July 07, 2008

at least I posted

-I should post more often.

-I also should get a chart going in which rooms are cleaned in a systematic way. And/or a meal-planning flow chart with grains, legumes and complex carbohydrates marked up with different colored sharpies. And/or a journal with daily goals and scriptures to motivate me.

But in all reality, it's probably not going to happen. My personality really balks at such things.
And since I have been shuffling along alright for years with my same old system of "squeaky wheel gets the grease"---I think I'll stick to it. I don't recommend it for everybody, though.

(By the way, I thoroughly admire all those who have those cool charts on the fridge. I really want to be more like you.)

Even though I was really really tired this morning (thank you, pounds of mystery yellow pollen which coat my bedroom dresser and my red car and my porch table), I still kayaked for about an hour. It was mostly lazy drifting with short spurts of "hey look, there's a blue heron I wonder how close I can get to him oh never mind he flew away"--but it was something, anyway.

-I found out why my amazing Dyson vacuum has been acting wimpy. #1 Son pointed out the filter with the inscription "clean every six months". I did---and my spider-weapon is back in action. Death to Arachnids, I say.

-We had spicy gumbo over rice tonight. And grilled sausage. And a garden salad with craisins, toasted pine nuts, fresh peas from the garden, and bleu cheese. I must say, it was heavenly!

-The best moment of my day? Looking out over the beloved faces that serve in varied ministries of my church. These are wonderful faces; I cherish every single one of them. We met in our pastor's home over dessert (of course!) to pray and discuss vision for handling church growth. What a wonderful problem to have!


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