Monday, October 13, 2008

all over the place

If a picture is worth a thousand words, are fourteen pictures worth fourteen thousand words?
I say yes-- which makes this post quite wordy.

This weekend, I traveled to Hunter, New York to play in a classical concert. #1 Son and Friend #12 tagged along. We ate out, hiked a little, gaped at the foliage, visited Aunt Kitty, drove WAY too many miles, and finally landed in Albany for the Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon. Hubby ran 26.2 miles, #1 Son and #1 Daughter ran 13.1 miles, and I walked a long way to the porta-potties. A complete workout for the whole family!
After a great dinner with some old friends, we moseyed around the Schenectady Stockade for an hour before driving 4.5 hours home. What a packed weekend!

Here are some photos. I'm all outta words.

The Birthday Girl at the Catskill Mountain House Overlook, North Lake.

St. George's Episcopal Church in Schenectady, New York.

High Fives for #1 Daughter. She placed first in her age category!

Bad photography makes an interesting photo.

My favorite family voted this house "Most Desirable Historic Property in the Entire Stockade Neighborhood". We swarmed all over it like bees on honey. I hope the owners didn't mind. If they did, hey, that's the price you pay when you live in a glam house.

The Yates House. I love it. Wasn't it thoughtful of the French & Indians to leave it standing in 1690?

All along the Pedestrian Bridge leading to the Corning Preserve in Albany, there are paintings which illustrate Albany's history. I'm not sure what history this one is referring to, but it works for us.
The Doctorow Center for the Arts in hunter, New York. My dear friend Bob is conducting his own composition. He is a wonderful composer, but even better, he is a wonderful, kind, real person. He strolled into the pizzeria down the street and payed for our veggie pizza. He does many amazing things, things much more impressive than such random acts of kindness. He really deserves a better nickname from me than "Guido". But there it is.

Kaaterskill Falls. Go there.

We took a small detour to make homage to our first house. 1428 Chrysler Avenue, Schenectady, New York. It's looking good. A man with one tooth lives there now. He answered the door and told us sure, go ahead and take pictures.

Hubby crafted this wooden mailbox for me when we were first m-a-r-r-i-e-d. (I don't know why I spelled out the word. It just felt right.) I painted the little house to match our first home, down to the curtains in the window. How sweet, right?
If you are an observant person and one with a semblance of taste, you might notice that the man with one tooth has a differing opinion of curtains than I had over twenty years ago.

There is no order to these photos. Here is our Marathon Team before the race. Note the fear in their eyes. I see it. Do you?

Albany, New York.
Here is our Marathon Team post-race. Nice medals, huh? The Hudson River sparkled delightfully in the background as if saying, "Go team!"


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