Saturday, November 15, 2008

helping around the house

Richmond, Virginia is a very nice place to visit. I haven't seen much of Richmond, but that's alright with me. The important thing is just to spend time with the lovely people I came to visit.

Things work differently in Richmond. Like, I lost a scrabble game to a few novices last night, for example. And things have been going awry in the kitchen, whereas they never do at home. The other day, I made very very bad bread. The yeast must have been tired out, which led to a dry, rock-like loaf only good for a doorstop or weapon to deter a burglar. Either way, you could keep it by the door, I suppose.

That's not all. In my attempts to coax the tired-out yeast, I turned the oven on for what was supposed to be a minute. Then the baby stirred and I forgot to turn the oven off. The smell of singed dishtowel brought me dashing into the kitchen twenty minutes later.

It had been a fluffy, purple towel. It now sports orange burn marks, kind of like a tie-dye experiment. Let's just say that it was my craft for the day. I wrapped the failed bread tenderly in the smoking towel, said a few words over it, and laid it to rest in the trashcan.

Last night, after a stunningly successful steak dinner, I couldn't let things rest. I HAD to show off and make chocolate pudding from scratch. The online recipe looked a tad more complicated than I was used to, but hey, I can go a little Martha every now & then.

The only (well, first) problem was that the recipe never explained when to add the milk. By the way, milk is THE main ingredient in pudding. I didn't notice this omission until too late. I added the milk anyway, folded in the whipped egg whites, and set it out to cool.

An hour later, we had frothy chocolate milk.

Not to be outdone by this, I dug the cornstarch out of the pantry and set about firming things up.
Another session over the stove, another hour to cool the pot, and we finally had our dessert.

It then took another hour to scrub all the chocolate-laden utensils, pots, counter tops, and clothing that got in the way.

Like I said, Richmond is a very nice place to visit. But I wouldn't want to live here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

even if everything had turned out perfectly, we would not allow you to stay in Richmond. We need you too much here.
miss you

1:17 PM  

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