Saturday, November 08, 2008

a jackpot of thoughts

Feeling the need to write something-anything- leads me to spill my thoughts willy-nilly. When will I settle down enough to compose a lucid post? Maybe later this week when I am visiting friends in Richmond,Virginia. It is also possible that I won't be able to put down their sweet baby long enough to turn on the computer.

Three loaves of bread rest on the counter.

Friend #7 is rustling around the kitchen, spreading dried cranberries into the hot granola.

Books surround me while I type at Hubby's big oak desk.

Colors made me happy today: bright yellow and moss green walls at The Brambles, punctuated by dark, elegant pieces of furniture and framed oriental prints.

A sweet young teenager played Haydn on the piano for me. Her fingers flew through the lilting scales and arpeggios like water over pebbles.

On a lark, I bought a new pair of shoes. I like them very much. They have three-inch heels.

Beef stew bubbles in the crock pot.

Lively conversations with friends about an upcoming wedding echo in my mind.

Music awaits me this evening: a live performance with my favorite band.

Music awaits me tomorrow: congregational worship, the final rounds of The Crane International Piano Competition, the Barber Concerto at #1 Son's violin lesson, and finally, a dress rehearsal for a voice recital.


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