Sunday, November 23, 2008

facebook confession

Dear Blog,

Hello and how are you these days? I am afraid I have been quite busy and I apologize for not writing. But you know how it is.

I feel as if I have put a lot into our relationship. All those hours of pouring out my heart, trying to find the right words, etc. etc. It has really been very rewarding and I don't regret a moment we have shared together.

It's not that I have found someone else. I haven't. No one could ever replace you. But a few weeks ago, I was introduced to someone new. At first, I didn't think it would go anywhere. After all, I was completely satisfied. I wasn't looking for a new relationship. And anyway, all I did was log in to chat. At first.

But then I realized the networking possibilities. The eavesdropping on other conversations, the social news, the photo-tagging. The global connections! The multi-tasking! The secret message inbox-thingy, too. I could update my status, keep abreast of everyone else's activities, be invited to parties and join groups that I never dreamed existed!
It was all so enticing, so empowering.


Please forgive me. I didn't know it would affect me so.

I knew you would understand. That's why I am coming to you and explaining everything. I have always been able to express myself to you freely without you interrupting or instantly commenting or tagging me or talking about me to others. I treasure that about you, and that's why I came back.

Of course, I can't throw away this new relationship like an old shirt. That wouldn't be respectful. Now that I see things more clearly though, I will play it safe and stay cool with the new kid on my block.

After all, dear Blog, you were my first electronic love and you will always have a place on my tool bar.


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