Sunday, December 07, 2008

December Saturday

The absolute BEST way to start the day this time of year? A breakfast consisting of scalding hot coffee, sugar cookies on a festive plate, and a front-seat view of the Christmas tree. Some will say that rum logs should replace the sugar cookies, but I never consume rum before noon.

-at least during the Advent season.

Hubby is finishing up this amazing addition for dear friends. (I have forgotten their friend-numbers!) I love the green, don't you?

The beams were original to the house. Well, they have resided there for over a hundred years. Hubby guesses that they were recycled from an old barn. But we will never really know.
We all decided it would be a shame to bury them under sheet-rock and paint, so Hubby figured out a way to let their rough-hewn glory shine.

Here is Danica's first view of this huge project. She loves it!

Now that the plates and cups are back where they belong, all is well with the world. Never mind the metal level on the counter top--or the drifts of saw dust that cling to everything. Soon, all the dust and tool-themed clutter will be a shadowy memory.

I am inspired by the transformation of this little kitchen, because SOON my family will have a project of our own to play with. Details are forthcoming.

I promise!


Anonymous Alleluiabelle said...

The renovations look sooo good. I love the color and the way it looks from what I can see on these pictures. Your husband sure is a fine craftsman.

11:22 PM  

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