Tuesday, December 16, 2008

rounder, fuller, sweeter

Lately, I have received so much joy from music--playing, singing, listening, and even rehearsing (I don't usually enjoy rehearsing!)

On Saturday, I attended a community choir concert at my mom's church in Adams, New York. The old Baptist church was decorated beautifully with potted poinsettias and a live tree. The choir performed a lively cantata, replete with scripture readings and organ/piano accompaniment. I loved it.

Sunday was a performance of Handel's Messiah with the Orchestra of Northern New York. Hubby and kids attended too, along with Mr. Cool Bass Player. The aforementioned Mr. C.B.P. received an education on what all the hooplah was about. It was an exciting performance. The soloists and many members of the chorus and orchestra are friends of ours, which made it even more meaningful.

My last performance at Crane for the semester was on Monday. Then, in the evening, I had a dress rehearsal at First Presbyterian Church for Wednesday's Lessons & Carols service. The choir was joined by a hand-bell choir, trumpet, violin, and flute. The musical selections are varied and pleasing. Tomorrow night, I get be all high-churchy, carry a folder, and wear a robe. Cool, huh?

Today, I rehearsed with a young violinist. (young? A high-school senior, anyway!) We were preparing for a recording session tonight, which went exceedingly well. He played a Mozart Concerto for his college auditions. It was a pleasure to help him make an outstanding recording.

On Thursday, I rehearse at the Gunnison Chapel on the St. Lawrence University campus. The organist in residence there will help me get acquainted with the organ. All those stops and pedals! This is all in anticipation for the Sinclair/Gilchrist wedding. Hooray!

While cleaning the house and rolling out cookies, I insist upon listening to Christmas music. This year, I can't seem to get enough. The message goes deeper and deeper into me, like a great bell sounded under the sea. It rolls and rolls; its reverberations growing rounder and fuller and sweeter.


Anonymous Stefanie said...

It all sounds so wonderful! Oh and by, see you at that wedding! Miss you!!

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