Friday, December 26, 2008

holiday reverberations

-our Moroccan Feast was sumptuous.
-a reading of the Christmas story never gets old.
-it is nice to have a baby in the house.
-family members make life interesting.
-nothing beats warm home-made applesauce.
-carols sound better when sung by candlelight.
-we don't know all the verses of Silent Night, but we can can sure belt out Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas without breaking a mental sweat.
-a cloth used as a tree-skirt can soak up a lot of water, even if only a tiny tip is resting in the water-pan.
-pertaining to that last observation, wrapped gifts can also absorb the aforementioned water if they are touching a wet cloth.
-also, not to beat a dead horse, a brand-new Thai cookbook which has morphed into a soggy mess is not as desirable as a dry one.
-one last thing and then I will never mention it again: even after a soggy cookbook is dried in front of the wood-stove, the recipes may still be readable, but its like looking into a fun-house mirror to decipher them.


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