Wednesday, January 07, 2009

sticky notes

While performing the humble task of cleaning the downstairs bathroom this morning. I found a yellow post-it note on the floor. It said, "NO".

I reached for it, scratched my proverbial head, and finally remembered what precipitated such a note. Last month we had a septic emergency which dictated a "no water" policy for the day. Hubby had thoughtfully affixed notes around the house: one on each faucet, one the the handle of each toilet. "NO", the note said.

Each time someone automatically reached to use the sink or (ahem) "the facilities", they were met with this timely reminder. No. Stop. Don't. As I crumpled this little outdated scrap, I considered the injustice I felt at having to obey it for just that one day, even though there was good reason for its message.

"Why can't we post little notes around the house that proclaim YES", thought I.

YES, you may hug your sibling.
YES, you may praise your spouse.
YES, all that fruit in the fruit-bowl is available for consumption.
YES, go ahead and read the Bible that was left open on the table.
YES. what a great idea. YES, YES, go for it!

Last Sunday, our dear pastor spoke powerful words which resonated YES to us. Instead of serving listlessly, awaiting the hot-line from heaven to ring us up with minute instructions, why not come up with a plan? -one which we know would please the Father's heart?

Can I reach out to a hurting person? YES.
How about I make a special meal for someone who has had a rough week? YES.
I am not sure what to pray, but shall I pray anyway? YES.
How about reviewing the fruit of the spirit in my life? YES.

A first-time father was chatting with me as we were admiring his 4-month old baby.
"I'm not going to teach her the word NO," he insisted when the topic of discipline came up.
I balked. "I don't know about that. NO is a pretty handy word, all things considered, for a toddler."
"I hear you," he countered. "But I grew up around my mom's day-care kids and all day long, it was NO, NO, NO. I think there is a better way."
My eyes shined with understanding and admiration. "I get it," I said. "If anyone can figure out a better way, you can, Caleb".

He's thinking out of the box, for sure. And I won't stand in his way if he is willing to give it a try. Don't worry about that baby. Caleb has a wife whose input he treasures; they will figure it out and it will be just right.

I think of the surge of possibility I feel whenever I read "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Suess.
When my kids were little, I would pray for them before bed, and in parting, grab on to their chubby little feet and proclaim, "Oh, the places these feet will go!"

YES, feet! Go!
YES, hands, serve!
YES. I officially post it all over the place: YES.


Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

That Dr. Seuss keeps showing up these days. ;)


6:30 AM  
OpenID hope42day said...

Loved this post!!! Thank you for the reminder of how wonderful YES can be...
And I join with you in saying
YES to life
YES to places I will go
YES to it all!!!!!!
I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

10:27 PM  

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