Monday, January 05, 2009

peps go bye-bye

Since I am vainly fishing for things to say these days, allow another email-exchange between myself and my brother to fill in the gap. (Background: he planted 24 habenero pepper plants last summer. I was the hapless soul who attempted to CAN these scorchers. Mercy.)


Sorry, I dumped the peppers. I've spent too much time looking for takers. I've kept one jar. I washed the jars and tops. Let me know when someone's passing by so I can place them somewhere for pick-up. No rush, obviously.
The other day, I defied my own level of stupidity: I set myself on fire and super-glued two of my fingers together. Both accidental, but nevertheless, very sottish.

let's hope the fire-incident was not a 911 call.

as for the fingers, way to go.
did these things happen AFTER you dumped the peppers?
perhaps the habenero god is miffed at you.

Incident 1:
I tape my recipes to a cabinet door above the burner I'm using. I was jotting refinements to the green curry dish on the page as I was cooking. When I leaned back from making a note, I smelled smoke. My shirt had caught fire. I swatted at it while doing a fire dance. Undaunted, I continued cooking.
Incident 2:
After I cleaned up, I noticed the label on the palm sugar jar came off. When I tried to apply super glue, nothing came out. I unscrewed the cap and saw I was working with an unopened tube. When I punctured the foil seal, glue oozed all over my hand. Two sets of fingers became instantly attached. The upside was I could easily make the Vulcan hand greeting the rest of the night.
The Habanero God is a fiery god.

not to be too disparaging, but isn't superglue a bit overqualified to affix a paper label?
just saying, is all.

Wanted that sucker on PER-MA-NENT-LY.


Anonymous Friend #37 said...

This was really funny! You know I would have been a taker for those peppers (as long as they weren't Scotch Bonnets).

9:20 AM  

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