Tuesday, January 06, 2009


The house is quiet.

I hear the drip of leaky kitchen faucet which, under normal noise-levels in this establishment, cannot be detected. The heater hums, the woodstove ruffles companionably in the depths of its fiery belly. In a little while, my freshly-tuned piano will ripple with Beethoven and perhaps Barber.

#1 Daughter is in Mexico with a team from the church. Friend #12 is there, too. I hope they eat pineapple for lunch. I hope that the distribution of the Epiphany gifts goes off without a hitch or glitch, and that they make a deep connection with the children there. I hope everyone remembers not to drink the water or eat unpeeled fruit. Their well-being is in my prayers.

#1 Son is on a roof with Hubby. They are replacing a roof that was badly damaged in last month's wind storm. Truth be told, January is not a prime time to tear off and replace a roof. But as they gratefully tucked into a hot dinner last evening, they assured me that their day's work was far preferable to one in the heat of August.

Friend #7 is close to my heart, even if she is not squirreled away into a corner of our upstairs bedroom. After the big push of moving into her new digs, the reality of her constant exhaustion
finally led her to a local clinic where they said the word "mononucleosis". The cure is lots and lots of rest. (I submit that one can rest WHILE playing scrabble.)

And so the house is quiet- a good day for reflection, prayerful planning, and maybe scrubbing the kitchen floor.


Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

Wanna scrub two kitchen floors? No, wait. I couldn't subject you to this one. The layers go a bit too deep... ;)

6:42 AM  

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