Friday, January 09, 2009

my culture-fix

In the bleak mid-winter when frosty winds make moan, it behooves me to snap up a bit of culture. With #1 Daughter and Friend #12 in sunny Mexico, #1 Son either working or scrambling to apply to college, and Hubby hard at work on our taxes in his office, I have been left to my own devices this week.

My own devices have consisted of some hard-core reading on the couch.

Okay, I have been more productive than that, but there has been my fair share of reading on the couch. My vacation will be over soon (Monday morning!), but I still have the weekend to live a life of leisure.

Tonight: A double-billing at the Roxy, courtesy of the North Country Film Festival. Free. I like free! The locally-produced films feature some people I know, too. Maybe I could get their autographs.

Tomorrow morning: Blanchard's Auction. #1 Son will join me. We like rifling though other people's stuff. The last time we attended an auction, we brought home a grandfather clock. Maybe I should bring the truck?

Tomorrow afternoon: Back to the Roxy for the MET live broadcast of Puccini's "La Rondine" with a few friends. Maybe out for coffee after the show.

Sunday morning: our usual AMAZING Sunday service with the best people in the world. Also, a huge welcome home to the Mexico team!

Sunday afternoon: a viewing of the first installment of "John Adams"(the award-winning PBS series) with fellow lovers of history. Well, if some of the younger set doesn't yet love history, they at least like to watch movies together. And eat dinner and dessert together.

I don't usually post my social schedule on-line. This might be a bad idea, seeing that it would give the impression that I have this kind of varied, non-productive schedule EVERY weekend. Rather, the list of exciting events all in weekend is so remarkable, that I decided upon it.


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