Monday, January 19, 2009

#1 Son eats breakfast

Here is a person who delights in perfection -at least when it comes to his food.

Cheerios. Honey. (AND sugar? I'm not sure...)
One uniformly-sliced banana, ripened to his discerning taste. (Not too green, not too spotted.)

-arranged with infinite care. He actually picks up pieces of the banana and moves them to suit himself.

Mind the geometric balance, please. Keep on eye out for design. This is not mere food, people.

Some techniques are chef's secrets. He won't allow them to be captured in film.

I missed the traditional pouring of the soy milk. (I think the phone rang or something.) It is the last addition before the mixing of the elements. He actually gently folds the cereal, honey, sugar, and bananas into the liquid until it is evenly distributed.

This is a breakfast fit for a king.

Don't even ask me to get started on how he likes his pancakes done.


Anonymous Friend #37 said...

What a freak! It makes me feel so not picky!

3:52 AM  

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