Thursday, February 26, 2009

--because you asked. that's why I'm telling you.

-yes, the couple loved our house.
-yes, they scheduled another visit this afternoon -and asked that the owners not be present.
-no, it was canceled last minute. It seems that FHA doesn't fund homes with hand-dug wells.

-yes, I obviously blog.
-yes, huge fan of facebook.
-yes, I will play Scrabble Beta with you. Go ahead and start a game!
-no, I do not twitter. Sometimes I chuckle, guffaw, or whoop. I have also been known to chirp. But twitter? Never.
-yes, I never used to text. But now that #1 Daughter taught me while we were waiting for our pizza rolls at "Italian Affair", I could if I wanted to.

I felt like Alexander Graham Bell when I composed my first text-message and eagerly pushed "send". #1 Son called me back immediately to alert me that my message ran thus:


Have a great night, everyone!


Anonymous Lore said...

YOu couldn't twitter if you tried.

But texting? Yes. Texting I think you could have a valiant go at.

Albeit misspelled.

I like Louissa the most. I love Ben the most. And I like/love you the uppermost.

11:48 PM  

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