Thursday, February 19, 2009

scraping the bottom of the barrel

Must. post.

-That 24 hour bug has hit us. Hubby is better now, #1 Daughter and I are recuperating slowly but surely.

-In the education department: I finished The Great Gatsby yesterday. What brilliant writing. The story was sad-- and it left me grateful for my own life, which is full to the brim of meaning and purpose. Now I am perusing Self-Reliance (Emerson) and other Transcendentalist writings. Mostly, I am inspired by one line and then deflated by the next. Emerson's core philosophy (that the spark of "divine" in each human trumps the need for orthodoxy) ends up canceling out his dead-on insights. #1 Daughter is generally unimpressed with him. But his thoughts on non-conformity and individuality have sparked some good conversation.
To boost our flagging spirits, we listened to the entire book of Ephesians this morning (on CD). I highly recommend listening to large chunks of the Bible. It is often the best part of my morning.

-Online Scrabble is my friend. Yesterday, I couldn't eat much (broth, toast, tea), couldn't teach school, couldn't go anywhere, etc. etc. But I COULD manage to lift my trembly hand to the keyboard and punch in some high-scoring letters. Thank you, fellow Scrabble addicts. I like your spunk and I look forward to pummeling you on a regular basis.

-I hope to soon travel to the City That Never Sleeps. I have peeps there, I really do.

-I miss Friend #12. She is house-sitting all week.
-I miss Friend #7. She doesn't live here anymore.
-I miss Friend #37. He lives in China.

That's about all I got. Over and out.


Anonymous Lore said...

Um. Allow me to remind you that it's ME who's been pummeling you in scrabble, not the other way around. T'yeah.

I miss you too.

1:07 PM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

i was being indiscreet. i still enjoy pummeling whenever the chance arises....

1:28 PM  

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