Saturday, February 28, 2009

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These days, you won't find this boy sitting on the couch very often. This is an extremely rare, vintage photo.

Alright. Maybe not vintage. But rare. He is too, too busy to be found lounging around.

See how monstrous his foot is? His feet used to be little, bite-sized things. Soft and only a little bit smelly--and then only after they sweated the night away in footy-jammies.

Those were the days. He not only sat on the couch quite a bit back then, but drooled on toys and tugged at my apron skirt incessantly.

Those days are gone, I tell you. Gone the way of the Wild West and black-and-white TV.

These days, he does things like this. See above.
If you would like to combine the tactile and the olfactory along with the visual, drop in at Jernabi Coffee in Potsdam. #1 Son has around twenty photos on display there. All for sale, although they can admired for free.When he is not in orchestra rehearsal, Spanish class, or studying Calculus, he sometimes hangs around our properties in Madrid. Today he is doing electrical, one of his favorite jobs.
He likes the tidiness of it.

Downstairs, the Mayor of Madrid handles the untidiness and all else that is not electrical.

Always looking for the esthetic side of everything, I snapped a shot of the late-morning sun on the stairs. Soon, these stairs will be carpeted or painted and the shabby-chic effect will vanish.
--as will the last vestige of pressed tin siding. This building was a tin shop in the 1800's. I guess they used what they had laying around when it came time to decorate.

Here is the progress on a second-floor apartment.

Ready for sheetrocking!

Hope you enjoyed my show-and-tell session. I am in a picture sharing mood today.
For pictures of the stone house, check out my other blog.


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