Tuesday, March 03, 2009

my play-group

I shared a French press coffee with #1 Son today at our favorite coffee shop. He chatted easily with both of the owners ( older than him) and their toddler son (younger than him). I am glad that he has inherited this skill from Hubby and me.

Hubby's easy conversation can open up conversations like gangbusters. As for moi, I always have had a truckload of friends who are NOT my age. I mean, why limit the possibilities?

When we lived near Albany, one of my closest friends was a 75 year-old lady. I liked to pop in to her apartment and chat. We shared a lot of laughs together over the years. We celebrated our birthdays together, since they fell in the same week. We prayed a lot together, too.

Last week, Friend #88b stopped by with her clever and animated 7 year-old son. They were on their way back from his harp lesson. (this family has many singular qualities, not the least of which is harp lessons.) Anyway, this harp-playing angel presented me with a Lindor truffle (Raspberry Dark, I recall) which he purchased with his own money and on his own initiative. Because, and I quote: "Mrs. Hull is MY friend too, mommy."

When others ask me about this age-defying phenomena, I tell them my mantra:

All my friends are MY age.


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