Saturday, March 21, 2009

advice from this side of forty

This advice is free. Really, I refuse all payment.
But if you insist on thanking me for doling out wisdom born of my many years, chocolate is an acceptable form of currency. Thank you.*

-don't ever count up your good deeds. The momentary thrill you may experience at the results will send you crashing when you analyze your motives.

-even if you are allergic to dogs and cats, be kind to them anyway. Anyway, the sooner you pay attention to them, the sooner they will leave you alone.

-it costs nothing to be kind to your fellow human beings. (And no one can say they are allergic to their neighbor.) So be kind often.

-it costs nothing to be thankful, either. Be thankful inwardly and outwardly. Be thankful inside-outwardly, if there is such a thing. God loves a thankful heart!

-give people a break. Life can be hard and we don't know what they are dealing with. Rude and inconsiderate people need a break most of all. And sometimes we are that kind of person.

-love people, not things. This one takes a lot of maintenance. (regularly ask yourself: "is this a person or a thing?" and then: "do I love it?")

-read the Bible even if you feel like you aren't getting its benefits. Feeling don't count in this case, as they don't in many other cases. The truth is, no one ever "feels" like taking vitamins. In my case, I never "feel" like exercising. BUT I DO IT ANYWAY because I know it is very, very good for me.

-remember the message of the Gospel every day. Meditate on the Cross. Its goodness will never grow old.

*milk chocolate. almonds go well with that.


Anonymous Carina said...

good thoughts. GREAT thoughts. I especially like the one about reading the Word. It never returns void - even if at the time you thought it wasn't doing much!

but, one thing... MILK chocolate? Really, Nancy. I would never have guessed that you go for the "watered-down" version of this amazing bliss. ;)

3:12 PM  

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