Thursday, March 19, 2009

the map room

While researching deeds at the county courthouse, we ended up in the cellar. There, we found a room full of old maps.
Old maps come in all different sizes. Here, they are wrapped around wooden dowels and stored in bins. Many of them are slip-covered in archival plastic and hung on a handy metal rack.

#1 Son busied himself by digging up treasures in this marvelous room, where card catalogues grace the shelves and the bins of yellowed and leathery maps stand along the walls.

When we found what we were looking for, it was fun.
When we didn't find anything we were looking for, it was still fun.

In the nineteenth century, certain lots of land were set aside for the promotion of the Gospel and for the education of the children.

I liked this.
Here, you can see Bridge Street and the bridge for which it is named. This map was dated 1820, I believe. It rarely sees the light of day. Actually, it never sees the light of day, being that it resides in the cellar of the Canton courthouse.

"Ben, please do not unfurl that map unless absolutely necessary. Only a few unfurlings remain before it crumbles away to papery dust."

He unfurled this one very, very carefully.

Bridge Street once again. Grist mill, sawmill, woolen mill, and river. Our old stone home had not been built quite yet. Its empty lot stands just above the "ee" of the word "street".

Timotheus the Unique explains some terminology to my students in the Deed Room.

Deciphering spidery old writing is an acquired art. But #1 Daughter is quite artistic, so off she goes.

We have been busy beavers these last few days. After all this information gets distilled, I will tell all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote from my inbox today:

"Often the search proves more profitable than the goal." E.L. Konigsburg

Will you be under the "ee" this Tuesday? That's my day off this coming week.

Please say "hello" to Tim for me (waving).

6:43 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

Ah, I need to read a friend's blog to find out what my brother is up to.

8:11 AM  

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