Thursday, January 28, 2010

what I missed

Recently, young friends of ours were married in a magical, tender, crazy, unique, memorable ceremony. #1 Son was the photographer for this shin-dig. I missed the wedding reception, as I volunteered to put a few babes to bed.

(I was not sorry to do this so-called generous deed, as I got to eat Christmas cookies with pajama-ed darlings, watch Winnie-the-Pooh get his butt stuck in Rabbit's back door, and bask in the glow of a pretty Christmas tree until I fell asleep on a comfy couch.

But I did miss some kind of par-tay.

What do Americans DO at a wedding reception? They rip up the dance floor in various ways.
(This move was also included in the actual wedding ceremony.)

People whom I love are shown here and here, moving to the beat more conservatively. Nevertheless, they radiate radical joy.

Young and old alike, people touched and swayed and laughed and celebrated.

All this hullaballoo to celebrate the union of this beautiful couple.
Congratulations, Andrew & Jen!

* after agonizing over which pics to choose, I see that one must be logged in to FB to view them.
please advise if this works!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Worked for me. And yes, I was signed into FB.

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