Tuesday, October 11, 2011

in defense of sitting still

How entirely fulfilling to sit on a rock & just be.

This sparkling morning, at the bottom of our bank, at the site where ye olde grist mill stood, I staked my perch. The salmon are running, and they splashed with abandon as they made their way to the falls. Strains of Schubert's "Trout Quintet" rang in my ears while I soaked in the late-autumn sun.

In defense of my sitting perfectly still for an hour or so, let me tell you a bit about my last few days:

-alumni weekend for my beloved church brought beloved faces into my home for the weekend. ( One in the loft, one on the couch, two in the office, one in the guest room. Both kiddy-liwinks in their bunny nests in their bedrooms). I kept reminding them that the event was NOT taking place here, as they tended to gravitate around our dining room table to laugh & talk & eat. But really, I minded not in the least. Especially when t this week's bride showed up numerous occasions.

It is such good luck to be near a bride.

-I rocked out on the keys Sunday morning, much to my arm's dismay. I have been nursing a touch of tennis elbow these days, mostly in my right arm.

And it doesn't help AT ALL that every day, my kayak paddle leaps into my hands & takes me out onto the river on my little green boat. It's not my fault either that my entire garden uprooted itself into my arms & walked me over the garden fence into the far reaches of the backyard.

Let's not even talk about the large stack of music awaiting me on my piano.

-Plenty of food has been prepared here recently. And this week has some fun culinary chores ahead: numerous pies & cakes for that bride I was talking about! Also: music to be rehearsed for the ceremony.

-speaking of music to be rehearsed, I need to get right on some other rehearsals, stat. Enough of fishie-watching. I need to get my piano-groove on.



Blogger Shepherdess of the Hills said...

your really did rock this Sunday! Hope your elbow feels better ( now that the garden found it self transplanted and all) but I can't blame you for finding yourself on the river with such weather as THIS!

1:02 PM  

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