Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday, Monday

Monday has a bad rap. I have learned to love Mondays. You gotta admit, some things are not worth learning to love. Lima beans, for example. But give Monday a break.

We are hosting a happy gathering tonight for dinner: #22's family, Friend #7 and her sidekick from Tennessee (Friend #10), and Friend #60 from Wheaton College. It will be a noisy and rambuncious crowd.
Here is a list of my kitchen chores:
-make fruit salad
-peel and chop ginormous butternut squash
- make wild rice and white rice ( choices are important here)
-marinate chicken and pork for grilling
-knead dough for dinner rolls
-thread veggies onto skewers for grilling
-set table with new linen tablecloth I nabbed at Target for $3.74

#1 Daughter will clean the kitchen and make the table setting divine with her artistic touches, to the tunes of #1 Son practicing his violin.
This is all in preparation for a memorable evening of food and fellowship with people I cherish.

What's not to love about Mondays?


Blogger Deb said...

Sounds wonderful!
(Have you tried baking the squash, simply cut in half and turned upside-down on a cookie sheet? Much less hands-on time involved. Just scoop out the seeds after baking an hour or two, then scoop out the yummy, butter-nutty filling. No burning or stirring, either. Tastes great mixed half-n-half with mashed potatoes, with a bit of cumin for flavoring.)

2:02 PM  
Anonymous brietta said...

I love Mondays, too! Monday is to me what Friday is to other stay-at-home moms-of-toddlers-and-babies, since Tuesday is Daniel's day off. That, of course, means it's a GRRRREAT day, full of anticipated relief and companionship; even though I can't claim such ambitious dinner plans myself (do homemade refried beans and rice count?!).

3:46 PM  
Blogger Mary B. said...

What a joy and a delight...Being the recipient of your love and attention is truly a gift. A gift wrapped so elegantly that one just wants to enjoy the wrapping, savor every moment of anticipation and marvel at the magic of the treasure chosen just to please the heart of the one so blessed to be receiving.

I suspect the jewels in your crown will have fragrances and fine flavors!!!

12:30 AM  

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