Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the longest day

How does one spend their first day of summer?
Here is how "yours truly" squandered hers:

1) completed (and hand-delivered) our last quarterly report for the school year. Home-schooling families are required to submit these forms to their local school district. It's not a thrilling chore, but a sense of satisfaction follows their completion. I was also encouraged and amazed at all we really accomplished this quarter! My little darlings have their last day of school on Friday. THEN LET THE FUN BEGIN!

2) made a generous bowl of fresh salsa, a staple around this restaurant. I dipped into it regularly throughout the day, chip in hand. Trivia: hot peppers increase your endorphin levels, giving you a mental zinger. Anyway, it works for me.

3) painted a few exterior window frames. High gloss bright white. Hubby picked up the paint for our shutters today: red cent. (No, Martha did not coin that term. Ha.)

4) lounged under the walnut trees while watching #1 Daughter ride her pretty horse. I sprawled on an old rug which I bought years and years ago. Although it looks oriental, it came from a bargain bin: just the ticket for spreading on the lawn. Rain doesn't hurt it, and that's a bonus, considering I forget to bring it in often enough.

5) chatted with a dear friend on the phone. We covered a lot of ground in 30 minutes. We also made a date for her to visit for a few days. That's what summer is for.

6) dragged my kayak into the lake for a soggy paddle. A speedboat-load of rowdy friends doused me with lake water in their crazy enthusiasm. The sun was winking over the trees when I headed for home. Almost 9 pm, and still light!

7) half-listened and half-watched the movie Chocolate while posting this lazy, lazy entry. The soundtrack is superb. And I've watched it before, so I can multi-task without stress.

Happy Summer, Everyone.


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