Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the plans of mice, men, & myself

This day stretches before me like a snow-white sheet of paper and a freshly-sharpened #2 pencil.

I'll attempt another itinerary:
Hop on the metro, disembark at Smithsonian station, and stroll through the Botanical Gardens with my camera. If #1 Daughter was joining me, we would surely stay to sketch exotic flowers & fauna.

Crossong the Mall's expansive lawn, I will settle in at the National Gallery for the bulk of the afternoon. If they allowed pillows, I might attempt to spend the night, dozing amongst the Vermeers and Rembrandts on a satin couch. Actually, the best plan of attack would be to choose a genre or two, and thoroughly soak them in. (early Flemish? medieval illumination? 20th-century American?) You may think I sound knowlegeable, but every time I leave a museum, I'm reeling with the things I don't know....
Oh, the places I'll go, never even leaving the building!

Closing time will find me traveling by rail to the main entrance of the Arlington National Cemetery, where I will meet up with Friend #32, Friend #55, and soldier-friend Ethan. Ethan serves as a guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and has graciously offered us an after-hours tour. Hopefully, I will have some foot-power in reserve to tramp, tramp, tramp those hallowed grounds.

As I anticipate this auspicious day and the promise it holds, my heart is near my family. They are camping and working near Alex Bay, thinking happy thoughts of mommy and her curious adventures.

Thanks, dear fam, for loosening the leash. Pie will be your reward.


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