Monday, September 04, 2006

over the sound waves

My dear Friends #30a and #30b surely bring spice to my life. Friend #30a likes to compose lovely music in his spare time, and is finally being recognized nationally for his work. My North Country friends are encouraged to tune to NCPR (89.5 fm) tonight from 8-10 pm to take in the latest Performance Today broadcast. You will enjoy Robert Manno's music performed by fabulous musicians. By the way, I know him. And also: he is my friend. (I like to brag about my friends.)

And just in case my loyal readers want to look at pictures while they listen, I have provided such.
Crane graduate and Metropolitan Opera star Maggie Lattimore was a joy to meet, work with, and listen to.

Bob Manno, conductor

Maggie Lattimore, teacher Pat Misslin, and friends

art gallery reception, post-concert

interior of hall (wonderful acoustics!)

Windham Civic Centre


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