Saturday, December 15, 2007

productive people

-After sifting through a dozen empty CD cases and a few short stacks of case-less and nameless CDs that reside in a basket on the kitchen counter, I chose Bernstein Conducts Stravinsky with the New York Philharmonic. To me, this is creme de la creme meets creme de la creme with a dollop of creme de la creme on top.

-I am bracing for this weekend's snowstorm with some maniacal cleaning. When the flakes are falling fast and hard, today's work will justify long stretches in an armchair with a lap full of books and magazines.

-Hubby is gearing up for this weekend's storm by moving equipment around to different properties, including snowblowers, shovels, and trailers.

-#1 Son stood at my elbow yesterday and asked,"Hey mom. Can I get a ride to church tomorrow morning for the Psalty dress rehearsal? 'Cause I'm God." His chance to play deity was thrown out so casually that it still makes me laugh.

-Friend #37 has been practicing cello to beat the band. No reason; he just wants to, is all. Knowing that the unrefined quaver of an unmastered string instrument sometimes sets us to screaming and running, he graciously asks permission in this way: "Ahem. Is now a good time to pursue musical endeavors?"
"Sure, Joe. As long as I can vacuum at the same time."

-#1 Daughter is making Chocolate-Coconut Pinwheels. They are to die for, but quite a trick to roll out properly. Since this was her first attempt, I helped the process along. Little by little, she is taking the lead in being this family's preeminent baker! I am only too happy to pass the crown and scepter on to her.

-And what about Friend #7, you ask? She has been sewing secret projects in the guest room. From sneaky glances at her scrap pile, I can say without reservation: something good is coming to everyone she knows.


Blogger sam said...

Sounds productive indeed. Unfortunately, we are not bracing for a snowstorm. Are you going to post a picture of your Christmas banner?

4:00 PM  

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