Monday, February 18, 2008


There must be something in the air with our North country guys and extravagant Valentine's Day gifts.

This weekend, Hubby announced that he thought it might be nice to go furniture shopping in Burlington on Monday, it being President's Day and all. Be still my beating heart. Furniture shopping??
We have had wild and (up until today) fantastical hopes of replacing our tired family-room couches with a leather set for a few years.

So off we went, Hubby and I and our tag-along #1 Son who has strong opinions about leather furniture and just about everything else in the areas of style, music, design, and the exact texture of pancakes. In Vermont, we snapped up a quality leather sofa and love-seat set that was to our understated taste, a melting chocolate brown with simple styling. So very satisfying!
After some lunch, I appealed to the general feeling of goodwill at the table to prolong our presence in the groovy town of Burlington. So many funky little shops and bistros! And along with them, splashes of color: brazen, warm, crazy, shocking, happy, spilling-over the brim COLOR.

Hallelujah for color in the middle of winter.

The colors of winter: white. blue. gray. white. blue. gray. white. blue. gray.

The "April" in the name of the shop was so very alluring.... was the SALE sign on the door.

Attention all little girly-girls: Easter is coming!

Warm enough to display flowers outside? (nudging 50 degrees.)

#1 Son doesn't get much chance to loiter around these here parts. So this was a real treat.

colorful pillows stacked to the rafters. a true feast for the eyes.

let's have an indoor garden party!

doesn't this window just beckon to you? It did me.

banana republic. a little red dress. my size. on the clearance rack for $21.99. How is this possible?
my friends, see how much God loves me. I even had enough on a gift card to cover the whole deal. (oh yeah. no clothing tax in Vermont!)

wrapping paper/craft paper makes me happy!

here's a conundrum: how would one wrap a gift of wrapping paper?
the vases are made from twisted magazine pages. my grandmother had a waste-basket in the same style. (I wonder what ever happened to that cool thing?)

shiny piggy-banks. (what is the term for a gathering of piggies? a gaggle? a flock?)


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ah, but nan, the color i was hoping to see was melting chocolate in a certain green living room. :)

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