Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Children's Story

This lazy, lazy blogger is entirely done in by a modest amount of yard work. It's true.

I am so out of breath that my story will be told in pictures today. Pictures with short captions. Like a children's story book!

Father brought home something in his trailer! What oh what could it be?

The strong boys help Father. Look how strong the boys are.
The boys like to help Father. Most of the time.

The boys and Father bring something heavy into the barn.

Careful, boys! Careful, Father!

Mother watches. Mother wrings her hands. Mother reminds them that glass can break.

Father tells the boys to ignore Mother. But that's fine, because Mother is getting a new hutch.
Mother is happy. Mother has other things in the barn that make her happy, too.

She has an antique general store counter.

She has some old blue shutters.
And right outside the barn and around the corner, she sees pretty girls.

The girls are pretty.
The boys are strong.
Father helps Mother.
Mother says thank you.

The end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very nice story, Nancy. :) (The hutch is beautiful!) Ann

4:35 PM  

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