Monday, September 21, 2009

Front Porch Love

In honor of the Last Day of Summer, I bring you an informal, free-verse Ode to Our Front Porch.

We tacked up an old sheet to keep the evening sun from furrowing our brows. As redneck as it looked from the street (which no one but construction workers roam), the old sheet rippling in the sun & light breeze gives a cabana-like effect to our dinner table.

My zappy-blue table, coupled with assorted colorful placemats, gives mealtime a zing. I grabbed some flora from the brush along the river for a fall arrangement.

It's a veritable fiesta here, as evidenced by this Mexican dinner. (Homemade whole-wheat tortillas, spiced ground beef, avocado, fresh salsa & lettuce, chased down by a glass of iced tea.)

A night we can dine on the porch from now on is a total bonus. Indian Summer is welcome to visit any time!


Blogger Lore said...

Though that last pic there looks scrumptious, I'm not sure it can even do a bit of justice to the actual taste that it encompassed.

Although the rest of the pics do quite a nice job of representing.

I like summer and can't we just keep it around a bit more?

3:31 PM  

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