Saturday, September 12, 2009

what's up here

To write, to write, to to think through one's fingers.

We dine on the porch every possible evening, knowing that the gift of eating en plein air will elude us in the months to come. Last night we slurped up corn & potato chowder along with grilled pork chops, toast, and salad. We laughed uproariously at the antics of #1 Son. He goes to college now and tells college-tales and talks about Socrates and Mozart and Political Theory. He still can make Friend #7 laugh very very ridiculously hard.

#1 Daughter and I are in the thick of home-education. We listen to the Psalms on CD every morning. We are delving into Algebra 2, American Literature, Post-Impressionism, and scripture memory. History awaits us, as does Botany. As we settle into a study-groove, our brains jiggle into action a bit at a time. We break things up by cooking or baking in the middle of the day. This is her junior year and she is determined to work hard and learn a lot.

I love home schooling my kids. As for learning all about Post-Impressionism, we get to study paintings like this.

And this.

These objects, nothing more than pigment on canvas, make my heart sing. They cause my insides to be happy. They make folding laundry so much more than a mere chore. I don't know why. For me, a little art goes a long, long way.

Hubby is gearing up for the next step in our back-wing remodel. He spent Labor Day most appropriately bashing through rock and cement with an industrial jackhammer.

We leave this afternoon for our old stomping grounds. A church anniversary celebration will bring new friends & old friends together to recognize the faithfulness of God.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Perhaps my writing skills will return to me soon. They seem to have departed for summer vacation. Odds are good they will return with things to say.


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