Thursday, September 03, 2009

mixing things up

I am mixing things up a bit by posting these pictures here on my regular blog. If they whet your whistle for more, click on over to . There you can see the post that I should have posted here.

It's fun to mix things up now & then. It keeps people on their toes.

We have some projects going on this week. New windows are being installed by my talented and seriously hard-working husband. They are replacing what looks to be the original windows. Heavens to Betsy, those babies are old and heavy. Does anybody want one? They are leaning on the garage wall. Come & help yourselves.

New windows are lovely things to behold. They bring light to places that previously were languishing behind dust, water-spots, and spider webs.

Speaking of languishing, this old table was doing just that in the dining room of the old stone house when I happened upon it. I said, (and I quote) "That table needs some love."

I have covered it in love ("Lattice Work", interior latex) and it is ready for its next life in my bedroom as my desk. For someone who doesn't believe in reincarnation, I sure make a lot of it happen. You know what I mean.

Oh, there there projects around every corner these days. One can come upon this one by strolling to the back wing of the house. Only don't do that without sending up a shout first. You might get brained by a large brick or cement-covered boulder.

Down comes "The Tower", as Hubby calls it. He likes to compare life's obstacle to epic movies.
That way, he can be Indiana Jones, the Gladiator, the Patriot, Braveheart, and Rocky all wrapped into one when he conquers something.

Note to scavengers: free old window frames and rocks. Come to the stone house at the foot of the bridge to stake your claim.


Blogger sam said...

Wish I was closer, I'd take a few of each.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

I'm sure some crafty person will scarf up some windows! But not I, alas, not I!

5:38 PM  

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