Tuesday, August 25, 2009

in which I ramble

I took a bottle of windex and a roll of paper towels out onto the front porch this morning. As sprayed a sheen of blue over the tables and chairs, the sawing and clanging of the construction crew came up from below. As I scrubbed, a crisp autumnal breeze snapped through the air, reminding me that August is swiftly hastening to its end.

I delivered #1 Son to college on Sunday, his confident step jouncing up the dorm stairs and straight into a world of his very own making. He can and will make so very much happen. He sent me an email at quarter to two this morning. College is "cool" and he has met "a bizillion" new friends. He is already reading political philosophy that is foreign to me. Some one else cooked his dinner for him. Last night, he jammed in the dorm cellar with musicians who live on his floor. They made music, John Mayer, the Beatles, Bach.

#1 Daughter bakes for her friends. She babysits for sweet children. She cleans kitchens and reads novels and loves to drive the car any chance she gets. She goes thrifting and unearths designer clothes which she wears with aplomb. Together, we start school in a week or so: Algebra 2, some kind of artsy science (which I haven't yet discovered!), creative writing, art, and a literature circle of our own making. We will listen to the Bible on CD in the mornings, cupping our mugs of 8 O'clock coffee, columbian dark roast.

Hubby officially began our kitchen re-model last evening. Along with a friend, he took a mini jackhammer to the stone chimney in the back of th house. Chunks of broken stone and cement litter our side yard, signs of things to come. I felt their weight when they hit the soft earth.

So much is moving ahead and so very quickly, you must forgive me for not writing. When I feel the need to reflect, out comes the kayak and the blue paddle, and off I go on the river like a modern Huckleberry, past the marshy island where the blue herons hunker and through the stone arches of the railroad bridge, on to the other side where hardly anyone ever travels.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE the word "aplomb".


3:29 PM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

yeah. I need to work it into my everyday conversation more often!

8:56 PM  

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