Friday, July 24, 2009

The 1843 House

The entertaining has begun here at the new/old house!

Last Sunday, we had a summer dinner on the porch with two young friends that I know from the college. I mentioned to them that they were the first "dinner company" we had since our move.

(Of course, the week before we hosted 25 people for dessert, but that was really a good-bye party, not a dinner party.)

We never thought to get the camera out for that historic event. Oh well.

The following Saturday, I played with two kids my own age. Friends #88b and #32 came over for breakfast. We had bagels, fruit salad, and some pretty amazing coffee. It doesn't get much better than that, I tell you.

Last evening, we hosted a dinner for some new friends. A young lady who happens to be outrageously pretty prepared a great meal. She had an assistant in the kitchen who rivaled her prettiness, if that is even possible. Together, they hit a home run with their culinary prowess.

My tiny, dark, and poorly designed kitchen makes prep and clean up oh-so-fun, too. And we have a mouse in the pantry. We shall overcome! -and continue to mix food and friends to our heart's delight.


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