Thursday, July 16, 2009

things you need to know

Did you know?

-that garlic bread can be grilled instead of baked?
We (6 people) inhaled some (2 entire loaves) last night with dinner. Before the dishes were even dry, grazing cattle were nosing around the kitchen looking for more. They were sorely disappointed. The dish-washing crew scavenged the last crumbs for themselves.

-that one can kayak on both sides of the falls here in Madrid?
I put in at the public dock (above the falls) regularly, but yesterday I ventured down the steep bank behind my house (below the falls), kayak in tow. I set my craft in among cattails and took off like a shot, seeing that the current is rather swift there. Don't worry- if the rapids get too bumpy, I can always get out and stand up. It's only a foot deep in most places.

-that we are going to have ONE KICKIN' garage sale next Saturday? 9 am -2 pm.
It's true. Furniture, framed art, carpets, books, lamps, quilts, household goods of all kinds; you name it. Please come and peruse our stuff. Do not leave empty-handed, I beg of you.

-that I love traveling overseas? This will be my second summer without using my passport and I don't like that. I used my passport recently in order to get something notarized, but that doesn't count.

-that we have a secret tunnel in our cellar?
Word on the street is that it was used for the Underground Railroad, but I am skeptical. I am willing to be proven wrong, though. If anyone wants to volunteer to crawl through the darkest parts of our basement to find it, be my guest.


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