Thursday, June 25, 2009

summer changes

The cadence of the spring season balances only for a breathless moment before barreling into a new key. Summer comes suddenly, dressed in green and singing arias that smack of picnic food and green lawns, open windows and gardens that need to be weeded, and of course sunglasses.

There is a new season in many departments of my life.

Teens grow up. #1 Son works, socializes, prepares for college, and gets taller without my permission. #1 Daughter goes to Chicago, sings like Ella Fitzgerald, dines in country clubs, drives her grandfather to physical therapy in his large truck, and dazzles us with her orthodontically-perfect smile.

Friends move. This usually means they move away, which in the case of Friend #12 means to Korea. You know, Korea? Where they eat Korean food and talk in Korean and live perfectly Korean lives on the other side of the planet.
Another friend is moving, but in my general direction. Two doors up, to be exact. Friend #7 will bring her lovely vibe to our dinner table on a more regular basis, I expect.

Chores change location. I now do laundry in a different room. The apartments are just next door, so I walk to work with my paintbrush in hand. I'll admit, it's convenient.

The term "summer vacation" means little to me. Why would I want to vacate this beautiful and perfectly situated spot? Now that we are in our new/old stone home, there is much to be done, and summer is the season to do it. Also, lest I neglect to mention it: from just about every window of the house, I see kayakable water.

It's going to be a good summer.


Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

There are pros and cons with most every decision. Doing theater, in my case, has many pros in terms of enjoyment, growth, etc. etc. ;)
But it also means a summer that disappears quickly with no thought to gardens, picnics, etc. etc. ;)
Even in the shower I sing phrases and imagine movements, fool with inflections and accents as I repeat the same line over and over and over again. Etc. etc. etc. ;)

I guess the days will slip away no matter what we do. I just pray for wisdom, boldness, and sensitivity to use the time for Him.

Perhaps you could borrow my gardens if you want to pick a bouquet (my bouquet makers are gone away, and this lady doesn't get to it) -- of course, if you feel the urge and need to do some weeding and pruning they would be available for that as well!

12:53 PM  
Anonymous IleneRose said...

I think you will have a paint brush in hand a lot more seeing as how I just sold your husband 1 five gallon bucket of paint and 4 one gallons of paint (he thought you'd be happy). ;)

11:36 PM  

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