Thursday, June 18, 2009


One of the perks of buying a foreclosed house is the "treasure" that one inherits. This old wooden table with two generous drawers was languishing in the attic of the garage.

I knew it was perfect for the front porch! After a good scrub, I decided to go wild and give it a coat of paint.

Reason #1: painted furniture stands up to all kinds of weather better than finished wood.
Reason #2: I figured a punch of color would add a little fun to our summer meals.
Reason #3: I was feeling a little crazy yesterday.
Reason#4: Next summer, I can always change it up and go for a more mature look. That is, IF I grow up a little.

I warned you.

"Deep Turquoise" won over my heart. The drawers are drying inside the house; they are a punchy yellow/green. The motley group of chairs which will surround this puppy will scream the same shade of yellow.

I won't blame anyone for gasping when they spy it for the first time.

I fully expect to pair this zappy table with some retro fabric in the guise of napkins and a runner.
Please come share some lemonade on the porch with us when it is finished!


Anonymous louissa said...

i LOVE IT! color is the best! i was trying to get lor to paint her bedroom a canary yellow and encouraged the bright green she picked for the bathroom. why stick with dull boring colors i say?

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Ilene said...

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!! My bedroom is called 'Fairytale' and it's a little bit more teal than that but I love color!! Fun fun fun!! I love it Nancy!!

5:19 PM  

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