Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ye olde tin bucket

The girls planted a container of annuals for me yesterday. How they adore me!

Absolutely devoted, they are.

Of course, I purchased the aforementioned annuals, provided the tools, container, and potting soil and demanded they do it for me. I then proceeded to stand over them with a camera and boss them around a little teensy bit.

Tall plants in the middle, please.

This photo was taken somewhere in southern France. Please ignore the NYC logo on the milkmaid's sweatshirt. And also the green plastic lawn chair.

Please DO notice the tall plants in the middle.

Ta-da! This antique tin now adorns the stone wall in the front of the house. It may be my only gesture in the decorative gardening department this season.

Thanks, girls. Je taime beaucoup.


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