Wednesday, May 27, 2009

in which I entertain myself

I am home in bed, feeling chilly and feverish. As soon as I think I feel fine, I move around a little, pack a few boxes, eat some chicken soup and then head back under the covers.

It has been an unproductive day in a general sense.

As the rain pelts my skylight windows, I poke around on the computer in order to avoid thinking about The Move. I have thought about The Move all day today, all day yesterday, and surely most of the day before that. Since I really can't do anything ABOUT The Move in my present condition, I have decided to post some random pictures that have come to my attention. A short comment following each photo should suffice as explanation, I hope.

Disclaimer: I did not take most of these pics.

Jamie at the djimbe. I like the way those words trip off the tongue.

Sneakers? Footwear? Fashion statement?

These very cool twin boys attend rock concerts. With their pacifiers. They are very secure kids.

Jess plays with fire while #1 Daughter checks her phone.

How I love these two guys. They make me happy.

This piece is entitled "Orange with Toothpicks". It is on permanent loan from MOMA.

Boxes. They are everywhere.
Wait. I'm not going there.
A very large truck backed into my yard to drill a well. Now we drink water that comes from even deeper in the earth.


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