Saturday, May 23, 2009

whatever is required

So very many things have required thought lately. And I have thoughts a-plenty, truly I do. What I have not had plenty of is quiet, reflective time at the computer.

(Disclaimer: any reflective time at the computer has been over online Scrabble. I am indebted to its restorative powers.)

Anyway. Here I sit, apron tied securely behind my back, at the kitchen table. A towering tray of pancakes graces the kitchen counter along with the fixin's for bacon and eggs. Four sleepy young men are drowsing in the back room, catching their last breather before the Big Day.

The wedding will be beautiful; the kind of wedding we like around here: full of beautiful bride's maids and flowers and little people all dressed up and special music which brings tears to everyone's eyes and prayer that rings as true as the bell in the church steeple. Dads and grandfathers and young sons will stand straight and regal as soldiers while looking on with pride in their eyes. The bride will be resplendent with the fulfilled promise of her special day, and the groom will be full to the brim with shining hope for their future together.

As for my part in all this (besides housing & feeding a few dear people), I have the privilege of accompanying one song before the ceremony, and then dashing composedly to the narthex to manage the entrance of the bridal party. The sweetest task? Positioning two little ones, dressed in their finery, to walk slowly down the center of the aisle. I will not be able to resist kissing their chubby cheeks.

Since I have last ruminated on these glowing electronic pages, I have attended another wedding (my own sister's-which I have not even written about yet!), rehearsed and performed a musical (of which I did write about, I think), sold a house (3108), began work on our old stone home (see for details), greeted someone new into the household (hello, Grandma Jean!), and bid another dear someone farewell (good-bye, Friend #12....). Changes are everywhere. I resolve to flex. Go with the flow. Bend. Give. Change my mind. Be gracious when other people change their minds. Throw the whole plan out the window and go with Plan B or M or W. Or just wing it.

Thanks for hearing me out. I'm going to go play Scrabble now, which requires thought, too.


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