Thursday, May 07, 2009


I am taking a few moments of repose to reflect upon things I will miss about the home we are leaving --and also a few things I will not miss!

I will miss:

-Our open, inviting kitchen with its over-sized island. It is not a fancy kitchen, with its open shelves and plain cupboards. But I have shared many a great conversation while stirring things on the built-in stove top.

-The little orchard of apple, pear, and cherry trees. Also, the three black walnut trees behind the barn whose low and leafy branches have provided a cool place for summer lunches and Bible reading.

-The side porch out the kitchen window with its porch swing and afternoon sun. We are bringing the porch swing ( a Mother's Day gift from years back) and the two white rocking chairs with us, of course. (What would life be without a porch!)

-The lovely meadow view where I have spotted turkey, deer, coyote, and an occasional runaway horse. Now that we don't keep horses anymore, the odds are small I will see one of THOSE anytime soon, even if we stayed. I will also dearly miss watching the farmers hay the fields and leaving behind towering round bales of hay over which the evening sun spreads her parting rays.

-My long walks up the hill, through the maple grove, and on past the green barn where the random cow bellows out of the blue.

-Waking up past midnight and seeing the stars overhead through our bedroom skylight windows.

-As always, with each home we have lived in, the laughter and shared times over meals. Whether they be holidays, birthdays, or merely impromptu gatherings, these are the truest, warmest, and best times for me. (I have a sure hope in wonderful times to come, wherever we wander!)

-The clay-colored shutters my family built and installed. I have grown to love them just in time to leave them behind! Isn't that human nature?

I will not miss:

-the 65 mile-an-hour trucks that go rumbling past.

-having a mechanic shop right across the road. (Pretty noisy!)

-the many extra miles of travel to get to church and school functions.

As I look at these lists, I realize I could go on and on about the things I will miss, whereas I am scraping the bottom of the barrel to find any more things I won't miss.

That's pretty cool, right?


Blogger danica said...

I could easily compose my own list. This pause of yours made me realize, for the first time, that I won't ever spend another evening in that warm and friendly kitchen. Huh. Kinda sad. (Well, really sad, but that's the way we melancholies roll, I guess. :) )

5:50 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I too will miss your kitchen, but know that you'll have another special one at your new home. I also know that you'll come to have special things about your new home that will replace all the things of your former house. One of my favorites things in TX is watching the jets fly overhead; now this is something I couldn't do in NNY.

9:35 AM  

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